Mevo Chatbot Builder For Your Business & Personal Use

Do you want to create chatbots in seconds without coding knowledge?

Want to customize, share, get notified and track analytics for your business chats?

Presenting Mevo, The best no-code chatbot-building platform with powerful features and affordable prices.

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What is Mevo?

Mevo is a no-code chatbot-building tool that helps you collect insights from your audience.

Depending on your use case, you can create classic chatbots or those powered by artificial intelligence.

You can use chatbots as pop-ups on your web page, share them as URLs or embed them in your web pages as iframes.

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How Does Mevo Chatbot Builder Work?

This platform is designed to be a user-friendly, no-code tool.

It allows you to create both rule-based chatbots and AI-powered chatbots without needing any coding knowledge.

You can build:

  1. Conversational flows
  2. Integrate PDF files for training
  3. Create logical jumps
  4. Integrate the chatbot into your website easily.

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5 Key Features & Benefits of Mevo Chat AI

Mevo offers a range of key features and benefits, including:

  • No-code chatbot building: Easily create rule-based and AI-powered chatbots without coding knowledge.
  • Training with PDF uploads: Train your chatbots by uploading PDF files, enabling them to answer questions based on the content of the files.
  • Logical jumps: Create alternative paths within a single chatbot flow using single-select step items in rule-based chatbots.
  • Integration options: Embed chatbots as popups on your webpage, share them as URLs, or integrate them into your web pages as iframes.
  • OpenAI integration: Use your own OpenAI key and, if needed, enable GPT-4, a feature that comes at an additional cost.


The diverse features of Mevo make it powerful, but many users find the logical jumps feature to be particularly valuable.

This feature enables you to create alternative paths within a single chatbot flow, providing flexibility and personalization in your conversational interactions.

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